Vampire Michael

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Vampire Michael

There she was standing at my door. Yes, she was young; indeed, barely sixteen years old but she was gorgeous. I just want to stop right here and give you a picture of what she looks like and who she is. Her name was Brianna and she lived next door to my house. Her parents had sent her over to pick up some sugar which they had needed for a birthday cake they had been making. Now I am betting that you knew what I was thinking, ’Sure, I will give you some sugar but will you give me some of YOUR sugar?’ That is the thought that ran through my head and I was sure glad that she couldn’t read my mind because I was already undressing her inside my world of imagination. She had perfectly formed pinkish lips. The kind that was full and made you want to kiss with your own lips. She had an amazing tan for her age and it was no /surprise/">surprise, because I had caught sight of her in her backyard by her pool; lying out on the cement sunbathing herself in some /bikini/sexy-bikini/">sexy bikini. The sun seemed to have the most fun with her on most days, than anyone I am sure. Her smile created a white glow across her face which fit well with her brownish hair. Her hair was the kind of color which just didn’t stay simple; indeed, it was a combination of black underneath and the brown which held a slight tint of red. She also had hazy colored eyes that were soft and seemed to catch you as soon as you looked into them.

’I am sorry, Mr. Jay. I seemed to have left my purse inside your house.’ Brianna told me as she leaned slightly against the doorframe.

Jay wasn’t my real name or my last name. It was her nickname for me, since I took care of a small flock of blue jays, which were in a cage in my backyard. I smiled back at her and let my thoughts take over again as I answered her in my mind, ’Yes, of course you did.’ It wasn’t the /first-time/">first time she had visited my house on an errand to pick something up for her parents. Her parents were the type who were somewhat poor and always were asking their neighbors for something when they needed it; such as Ketchup, paper towels and other things. Brianna was smart and she always made sure to bring her parents whatever they had asked for before she would make a second visit to my house. I had fallen for that routine the first couple times without a second thought but this was now the fifth time she had returned in order to pick up something she had forgot in my house. She was a bright kind and made straight A’s in school; therefore, I knew she wasn’t one to forget so easily. She might have been smart but I personally knew the reason for why she felt drawn to me but let us not get ahead of ourselves.

’Sure, come on in and go ahead and get it,’ I told her as my eyes moved down her body. She had been at my house five minutes before but I noticed something different about her. She was wearing the same clothing that she had been wearing from before but her black jacket was unzipped further than it had been earlier. The zipper was at a level in the vicinity of her breasts and revealed a great deal of cleavage; in fact, it was hard to tell if she was even wearing a shirt under her jacket. My eyes continued down her body and to her pants. She was wearing denim blue jeans. It was the kind of blue jeans which had multiple pockets on the front. Brianna walked past me to the kitchen and there was her little purse sitting on the counter. She picked it up and turned to leave but a look on her face got my attention. She looked as if she was disappointed that she would have to leave so soon; therefore, I put the first part of my plan into action.

’Hey, you want a drink or something? What about a sandwich?’ I asked her. It was close to dinnertime and so it wasn’t all that odd of a question.. She nodded and turned to sit down. I was pleased because all I wanted to do was feast my eyes upon her lovely young teenage body. I wanted to ravage all her seductive curves and rip off all her clothing and leave her body naked. I quickly made her a drink and the sandwich before handing it to her. She drank from the glass I gave her but didn’t touch the sandwich. She just stared at me the entire time with those piercing hazy eyes. I soon grew uncomfortable as I found myself growing hard with all the naughty thoughts in my head. I soon smirked when something caught my eye. It was like Christmas had arrived because there was a piece of trash on the floor by her chair. Yes, just simple trash which normally wouldn’t be so important but this time it was different. I walked over to her and knelt down to pick the trash up. old waman xxxgx I was smooth and put my hand on her leg in the area just above her knee. Brianna froze and I looked up into her eyes; fully prepared to apologize and explain that it was just a mistake. Yet, the girl didn’t say anything but gave me one of her /sweet/">sweet smiles. I had been about to remove my hand but when I saw that, I kept it there and decided to push my luck a little bit. I moved my hand up a bit and was delighted to discover that she didn’t stop me.

Her eyes remained glued to mine and I held her gaze. My hand inched inward and up further along her thigh now; the girl simply remained sitting but I could see that she was biting her bottom lip. I couldn’t believe it and I wondered if this were a dream? Here I was with my next door neighbor’s /daughter/">daughter and she was particular giving herself to me. It all became clear to me and I knew why she had forgotten all those things after visiting me. My eyes remained locked with hers and I searched for any sign of resistance but there was nothing but the look of invitation. I stood up and reached for the zipper to her jacket, pulling it down and opening her jacket to reveal a white tank top. That was why it had been difficult to detect what she had been wearing underneath. Her breasts were large and my hands went for them immediately. I settled them there and fondled them before moving around to stand behind her. I still had my hands on her breasts as I moved her hair out of the way and slowly started kissing along her neck. Brianna rewarded me with a soft moan which escaped out from between her sweet lips. I pulled the jacket off her body and let it fall to the floor.

My hands were now in full swing and they moved down across her stomach and to the button of her blue jeans. I slowly undid the button and pushed the girl’s zipper down as my lips caressed Brianna’s neck and I sucked hard on it which made her moan deepen and become a bit louder. I just couldn’t wait until I had full control over her and have her giving me even better sounds to enjoy. I pulled her to her feet and tugged her tank top off and dropped it to the floor along with her jacket. She had on a crimson colored push up bra under that. The bras made her breasts look even bigger than they already were and I settled my lips on the top of them. I began to lick her with my tongue; sliding my tongue across her soft and smooth skin as well as sucking on her skin. I left little red marks where I had sucked so hard and she was now breathing hard. My hands slipped around to Brianna’s round ass. I gripped it in both my hands and picked her up to carry her to the bedroom. I was kissing her now and she was eagerly returning the kiss and purring like a sexy little kitty cat. We made it to the bed and I dropped her onto it. While she scooted up further into the bed, I reached down and took hold of her pants; therefore, as she scooted up, it allowed her jeans to roll down her legs. I pulled them off and tossed them aside onto the floor beside the bed. I had waited a long time for this and I knew it was going to feel good.

I wanted to run my hands and lips all over her young body. I leaned down and planted my lips in between her legs; moving them up along her thighs. I skipped her /thong/red-thong/">red thong and licked her all the way to her breasts. There I pulled her bra off and used it to tie her to the bed. I started to play with her nipples; flicking them and sucking on them. I could feel her body heat rise and she smelled amazing and arches her back to meet my body. I moved back down her body to her red thong and buried my tongue and lips on that silky surface. She was wet and the front of her panties were soaked with her love juice which only increased my excitement because she tasted delicious. I slid my hand around the front of her thong and pushed it aside to reveal her smooth, hairless, pink pussy. I discovered that she was a virgin. I settled my lips on her wet virgin clit and stuck my tongue up as far as it would go.

That made the young girl moan and gasp even louder than ever. I bokep sma pecah perawan loved the sound she gave made and it turned me on more. The sound was still a moan but also a whimper as she cried out in pleasure. I was devouring her now and she was clawing at my neck and running her hands through my hair. I was sucking on her juices and finally stopped when I felt her cum. I licked up her /sweet/sweet-love/">sweet love juice. I moved back up to her neck and prepared to put step two of my plan into action. I titled my head back and felt my fangs growing longer and then I dropped my bite into her neck. She cried out a moment and fought against the bra that held her to the bed but relaxes as my poison and control took over her body. I withdrew with blood stained lips and a wicked smirk as my eyes locked with her and I gave her my command.

’You are now mine and you WILL go back to your high school. You WILL use the powers I give you in order to bring me more victims. You will convince the girls to visit me here every night. You will bring me one or a couple at a time along with yourself. Do you understand?’ Brianna nodded and answered, ’Yes, /master/">master, I am your slave.’

She was a virgin which meant that my vampire powers were better able to control her now after the bite. She would prove to be very useful to me in the coming days, weeks and maybe even months. She got dressed and soon left and I was left sitting there. I kept myself busy simply playing the night’s events in my mind and fantasying about what might happen next. ’They shall all be mine. Yes, every last one of them.’ I said in my mind and all I had to do was to wait and let my vampiric poison do it’s wonder on Brianna.