The Day after The Line Shack

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The Day after The Line Shack

As Bill was preparing to leave I noticed that he was not completely satisfied with the way things were. I said, "I know that those girls are not your wives but that doesn't make any difference to us. Send your wives out here and Eddy and I will get them straightened out. I know that your wife likes to have a dog or goat fuck her while she sucks dick so we can get that done. If you are not satisfied then drop your pants and we will get that taken care of as well.
The others were riding off and he looked that way and I said, "They have thirty miles to go, you can catch up later today."

Eddy was dragging him back into the line shack and unbuttoning his pants. I knew that Eddy was going to suck his dick and so I figured I would just fuck him in the ass while they were at it. Bill was getting hard and when I shoved my dick in his ass he started to scream, EEEEAAAHHHHHH!!!! God Lance you are too big for my ass!!!!

"Just keep screaming Boy! That really turns me on! I love my dick in your ass! Scream Boy, Scream!! Suck his dick Eddy, and then I am going to fuck you up the ass as well."

Eddy was going to town on Bill's dick and jacking off at the same time. I was pounding Bill in his ass and he was screaming. I held Bill close and said, "Send your wife out here. I want to fuck her and have her suck my dick. The guy on the other side of the fence has some goats and big dogs he will let us borrow for a few days. I also know where there is a pony that has a dick just right for that /wife/bitch-wife/">bitch wife of yours. We will /bitch/fucking-bitch/fuck-that-bitch/">fuck that bitch silly and by September she will be just right for all that will be going on. I'll bet she can suck at least a hundred dicks counting goats and dogs and horses."

Bill was cumming and cumming and Eddy was lapping it up and swallowing it all. When I started to cum I jerked my dick out of Bill's ass and spun him around and shoved it into his mouth and he sucked it all up. While he was kneeling there blowjob porn videos Eddy shoved his dick up Bill's ass and started to pound him. Bill was screaming around my dick, AAAAHHHHEEEEE!!! Oh God!! You bastards are raping me!! Please give me more!! I have to have your dicks in my ass!!! MORE! MORE!!
He sucked both of us off and we fucked him two or three more times and he had to go.

I said, "Send that /bitch/">bitch out here. I will get three or four of the guys from the home ranch down here and we will get those goats and dogs over and while they are fucking her we can make her suck all our dicks. We will take pictures for you. If that guy you had with you wants to send his wife send her as well. I know her also and she loves to fuck dogs. While I was talking about fucking his wife he had dropped down and started sucking Eddie's dick. I shoved my dick up Eddie's ass and he screamed and rammed his dick down Bill's throat. OH God that's Good!! More!!More!! More!!

After Bill had gone we went on and got our work done.
I sent Eddy over and he brought back four dogs and five big old Alpine goat bucks. I said, "Eddy, one of those dogs is a bitch."
He said, "I know. I want to fuck her!"

Eddy went off to do his work and I was getting on with my own work and in a few days I saw two /women/">women coming over the trail and sent a signal lamp up the line to Eddy. Eddie's line shack was about ten miles south of mine and there was a very tall hill with a big cliff between us that could be seen from either line shack but it was only about a half mile from mine. We had rigged a wire line from my barn to the top of a tree on the cliff. There was a similar situation down where his shack was.I could send a lamp with a colored shade up and the color would tell Eddy what was up. Red would mean trouble. I sent a red lamp up. He would figure it out. We both had the same view. If it has tits or wheels you will have trouble with it! He knew that I would not be sending a lamp up for anything with wheels.

The two women rode in about an hour later and I put their horses in the corral and /hung/">hung their saddles for them. We were walking through the barn toward the shack and one Kelly said, "Bill said you were going to make us fuck some goats or something."

"You get right down to it, don't you? We have some ideas and remember I have known both of you for many years and know what you like.I know that neither of you has anything against any type of animal if it has a dick. Ya'll get comfortable, I'm going to get some drinks."
I went and got three drinks and made theirs a little stronger than mine. When I got back they were both nude and sitting on a bale of hay side by side playing with each others breasts and kissing. I handed them their drinks and we sat around for a little bit then I led them over to where the dogs were. They were getting all excited and asked what I was going to make them do and I told them, "You are going to suck off three dogs and five goats before noon."
"Oh Wow. Will you let them fuck us afterward?"
"Sure. While you are sucking mine and Eddie's dicks."

Angela immediately crawled over the pipe fence and got in with one big dog and started masturbating him to get him hard. Kelly wanted to do the same with one of the goats. Angela was lying on her back on the floor with the dogs dick in her mouth and he was hunching her face. Kelly pushed the goat over on his side and lay down beside him and started sucking his dick. Before long both animals had shot their load into the womens faces and both were climbing over the fences to get at another one. Before Eddie arrived they had both sucked off all five goats and all three dogs and were starting around on seconds.

I got them out of the barn and put them in my wash tub and told them to clean up because I didn't want them in the shack all dirty. When Eddie got there he was just ahead of two other guys from the main ranch. I met them at the barn and told them to get naked and come on in and to each bring a dog with him.

In the house I put the dripping /wet/wet-women/">wet women on their knees and had one of the guys walk up to each of them and she started sucking their dicks. They were both leaning over my small kitchen table and sucking the mens dicks and we led the dogs up behind them and they did what dogs do and started fucking the women. We kept swapping around until all the men had been sucked and all the goats and dogs had fucked the women at least once. By now the men had recovered and we all started fucking the women and swapping around. Eddie likes taking it up his ass and so it worked out okay so that all the men were fucking someone almost all the time. After a while we started doubling up on the women with one dick in their ass and the other in their pussy. Both women were milf porn videos screaming and cumming over and over.
I had set up four video cameras and after we were all satisfied for a while we got the discs out and sat around and had some beer and watched ourselves and the goats and dogs. That made these two sluts horny again and so we took them out to the barn and let the goats fuck them several times while they sucked our dicks over and over.

Kelly said, "I want to suck one goat and fuck another at the same time."

Two of the guys got one goat and turned him on his back and she started sucking him and another mounted her almost instantly. Watching this made me horny again and Angela started sucking my dick and Eddie rammed his dick in her pussy from behind. One of the goats came up and mounted Eddie from behind and he was screaming and loving it. The two guys from the main ranch were bending over a bench and two of the dogs started fucking them. They said they were not bi but by the time nightfall got there they were all into it and loving the animals as well.

We all went out and got into the tank I used for a bath tub and bathed then went in and went to sleep scattered around on the floor.

By four o'clock the next morning the guys were escorting the two women back to the ranch where they could get their car and Eddie was taking the goats and dogs home and I was back to being a line rider and making plans for the big deal in September.