Angel Naughty The Millennium Hotel Chapter Three

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Angel Naughty The Millennium Hotel Chapter Three

Lisa lifted the phone. "Hi honey," she said. She held a hand over the receiver. "You have to be quiet baby. It's Todd."
"Oh shit," Loretta said.
My lips curled in devious delight. "You know what I want?"
Lisa shivered. "Ohhh, I have an idea."
"What?" Loretta asked. "What's she gonna do?"
I petted Loretta's head. "Don't ask. Just watch your sister be naughty."

Arching up, Lisa displayed her tits. "And don't tell," she said. Her fat chestnut tits jutted over the frilled edge of her body stocking, knots of cum frosted between her angelic cleavage and clumped on her pearls.
"Oh Jesus," Loretta said. "You two are so kinky."
I grinned and put my hand on Loretta's head, guiding her along my cock. "Shut up Kitty, your sister's putting on a show." Between my legs, curled like a kitten by the fire, Loretta's lips lapped along my pulpy shaft. Her tongue twiddled the tip playfully before she slapped the head against her cheek.

"So honey," Lisa said into the phone. "How's your night going?" While she spoke, she cradled a breast in her off hand. "Aw, I miss you too," she said. "I'm a little bummed to come over here and tend Loretta." Quietly, sensually, she dragged her tongue over her cum-soaked tit flesh. Listening to her husband on the line, she smacked her lips. "Well, it's not my fault. If only that friend of yours Steven didn't make such a fucking mess." She smiled-a devilish, bitch-hot smile-and licked her tit again, rolling over her sperm-glazed nipple. "I'm always having to clean up after him." Like a cat bathing itself, her tongue circled and danced, collecting chunks of sperm on the red tip, leaving trails of saliva-an oily, sexual polish.
Lisa, my miracle goddess. My Ninel Conde.

She stretched out, her white body stocking weaning around her shapely curves, and put her elbows on the floor. Her costume wings snapped sharply behind her. From all fours she eyed me as her husband yammered, oblivious that his stunning wife was on her hands and knees, my cum coating the inside of her mouth, still lining the recesses of her freshly fucked asshole.
Lisa cut him off: "You defend him Todd, he's your friend. I know I dated him back in college, but what does Steven expect, for women to beg and crawl at his feet?" Tilting the phone down, she whispered up at me: "I fucking worship your cock."
From the edge of the mussed bed, I moved my foot in front of her mouth. "Suck my toes you gorgeous slut."

Lisa's lips, the color of a complex red wine, wrapped around my big toe. She massaged the underside with her tongue. She soothed and swabbed the edge-a baby with a pacifier. My toe popped from her mouth. She smiled, grinding her ass in the air.

I fought the sudden urge to shove my cock up her butt right there. Have Lisa wiggle her high-class ass on my cock while her clueless husband jawed in her ear. I wanted to pump another round of semen up her anus-that pursed little treasure-one of a hundred loads-have it stick there for all time-raw and nasty, intimate and forever connected.
But then again, I had the wwwxxx other plans.
"Leese you slut, you shouldn't be doing that," Loretta said.
I nodded at Loretta. "Another line?"
The dark-haired vixen bobbed off my cock. "You and your good ideas."
I gathered the baggie off the nightstand.

Loretta's red dress was still tousled around her waist, barely hanging on to the firm skin of her nineteen-year-old Italian body. She slid up, nuzzling her fleshy tits on my thighs. My dick thickened. I was exhausted physically, but the spotless umber of her skin, the angular curve of her back, the dramatic heart-shape of her pelvis as she found the right nook across my legs-it all prompted a gluttonous excitement. A primal and deep-seeded indulgence.
Something triggered and my cock fattened. Lurched.

I eased Loretta off my crotch. As Lisa blabbered in the background, I wedged open the baggie and turned it on its side. Loretta's breath quickened. Squeezing the baggie edges, a bit of powder skipped to the lip. I dipped the tip of my semi-hard cock-still tacky with the juices of Lisa's ass, her mouth-leaving a white dab of premium coke along the dick hole.
Loretta curled her hair behind her ear.
I put a finger to my lips. "Shhh. Remember, Lisa said we have to be quiet."
Loretta smiled. "Fuck Lisa."
"/good/good-girl/">good girl's learning."
I tapped the end of the baggie, trailing a long, thin line along my hardening shaft. Loretta inched closer. We locked eyes-her dark brown hair tossed across her face. She opened her lips slightly and I felt her hot breath on my cock.
My skin pimpled. My toes cracked in waiting.

Lisa crawled under Loretta. She spit in her hand, caressed my bruised balls with her wet palm. "No, don't get me wrong sweetie," she said, "I had fun at dinner. The meat there was wonderful. But I can't speak for Loretta. Even after all that meat, the fine and creamy sauces, she's still hogging the room service."
"Tell your husband I did have fun," Loretta said. "Sucking coke off his friend's cock." My cock fumed in Loretta's face-her flawless complexion, her smoky eyes. She still had an air of mystery to her-I barely knew her-and with my vulgar, engorged sex organ aimed at her face, the nasty juxtaposition turned my gut.
Loretta dipped her head, held the side of her nose and sniffed the snub tip. She snorted the white dab quickly; and wasting no time, she rose up and followed the powder trail.
Her auburn mane whipped my thighs, and I gathered gusts of her conditioner and skin, like silver-dollar wildflowers and vermillion. I threw my head back and groaned, almost laughed-a giddy kid at Christmas time-savoring her warm, upturned nose, this feline beauty inhaling my dick. She slapped Lisa's hand away and cupped my balls, cradling my dick as she retraced her tracks.
The shaft was spotless.
"God you made that look good," I said. "It's almost unfair."
Loretta ran a hand over her nose. "What's unfair?"
"That I haven't had you until tonight."
Loretta smoldered me with her glare. "We can make up for it," she said.
I stood up. "Oh we will." With fistfuls of her hair wwwxxx I shoved her face in my groin. Her eyes bulged, my cock engulfing her mouth. She sputtered-half-choking, half-swallowing-and her face washed red. Her arms flailed above her head.
I snatched her wrists.
"How does that tickle your throat?" I asked. "Fucking DUMMY."

I plunged deeper, ruthless and rough. Her head jarred and I held her there by the hair, banging the slippery roof of her mouth, and didn't stop, angling downward, forcing myself inside. The doughy shaft jolted past her gag, and I felt her swallow (or try to swallow), the desperate muscles in her throat convulse and constrict around my meat, her nose on my stomach, my balls slapped up against her chin. I barely withdrew, just wedged and fucked myself further and further into her mouth hole, cramming every humid nook of her face with ripening cock.
Lisa wet her lips at the sight. "We just ordered in," she said on the phone. "Just a midnight snack. Loretta's still hungry. I guess you can't get enough in that belly of hers." Lisa tapped a finger lightly on her bottom lip. "But I can't wait to get mine." She pointed and whispered: "Fuck my face."
"Married SLUT!"
Loretta slurped me to hardness and reeled back on her knees. Swiftly, I snatched Lisa by her throat, wrenched her under me. She squealed, an exhilarated squeal of shock and delight.
I hissed: "You want it?"
"Oh fuck baby, FUCK my mouth. Fuck my cheating-"
With both hands I impaled Lisa's head on my dick, stuffing it full. Her voice muffled, slushed around my shaft. Her cheeks puckered, and she lunged over my cockmeat-a greedy, cock-starved angel. She kept the phone slanted against her neck as I punched into her mouth.

"Fucking your throat Lisa. OPEN it. Lemme FUCK that cheating throat. You want it, I KNOW you've always wanted it. You're so hot. Burnin hot."
I was hard again. Savage. Blistering. Everything was getting dirtier.
Handling Lisa by the hair, I whirled her around (my cock still lodged in her mouth), and pinned her against the base of the bed. She dropped her phone as her costume wings mashed behind her. Angling forward, I held myself up from the bed and long-stroked into her mouth, literally fucking her face. On her knees, sandwiched between my thrusts and the base of the bed, she groped her tits, fiddled her pussy. I dug deep on the down stroke, exploring every molten cranny of her gullet I could, and she grabbed my thighs, pushed me even further into her, completely rooting me to the balls, her nose on my pubis, completely entrenched in her adulteress-throat.
"All the way down!" I said, and cringed, tickled in the most conquering way.
I pulled out of Lisa's mouth, and she gasped, hunky ropes of spit and pre cum drooping from my cockhead.
I motioned to Loretta. "Come here Kitty. Come eat your sister's nasty drool. She's making a fucking mess."