Amanda adventures 3

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Amanda adventures 3

Amanda?s very /friend/good-friend/">good friend Katie was a nurse at an institution for the mentally ill, she had worked there for a couple of years since she had alain lyle porn been suspended from her last post has head nurse at a local private clinic for sperm donators. Apparently Amanda had told me at the time there was rumours of Katie giving too much assistance to the donors and even talk that she had been caught consuming some of the semen herself. Katie vehemently denied it at the time but now we know she?s a complete slut she admits all of it!
A few weeks after Toby had disappeared Amanda was getting restless and withdrawal symptoms from black cock.

She regularly pressed Katie to arrange a fucking session with some of her contacts but Katie had failed to do so, so far. I told Amanda it was because Katie didn?t want to share with her any more because Amanda was ?hogging? too much cock, Katie said it was because most of her black male friends were either away or for one reason or another not interested. She secretly confided to me that they weren?t as big as Amanda was now used to and they would be a disappointment to her. She was waiting for the right black to come along that could satisfy both hers and Amanda?s needs.

That time came about a week later, Katie came to ours in the early evening, she wore a long coat open over her nurses uniform, the upper bib section was unbuttoned revealing her /gorgeous/">gorgeous ample tits.
She sat down excitedly next to Amanda and explained she was on evening shifts that week and working alone and that a new patient had arrived just this week. She said he was black as the ace of spades and whilst giving him a bed bath had discovered that he had the biggest cock she had ever seen, ?I?ll bet its at least 12? long when it gets hard? she said. Amanda was instantly interested!

?Go and get changed Amanda and you can come with me tonight?. Amanda?s eyes were bright with excitement again, she ran upstairs to change.
I sat talking to Katie, ? I hope your both careful and please don?t get my wife into any trouble will you?.

?Don?t worry? Katie relied, ?she love this one I?ve got lined up and no one will know because this patient is always talking about sex and who he has fucked, so no one takes any notice of him?!
?But his he dangerous?? I asked, ?no, he will be sedated, the beauty of these drugs they allow him to get an /erection/">erection whilst he?s almost asleep?.

?It looks like you?ve got it all worked out? I said, Katie put her hand on my knee and said gently ?don?t worry, Amanda still loves you, its just that she and I have to experience /ass/ass-cock/massive-black-cocks/">massive black cocks occasionally, its only sex it doesn?t mean anything?.
Amanda arrived at that moment, she was wearing a very short skirt and a tight t shirt which perfectly showed off all of her tits, she looked magnificent.
?Okay girls, have fun and I?ll see you later? I said to the back of their heads has they were disappearing through the door.

Katie and Amanda entered the home, Katie put Amanda in a small staff room and told her to wait while she checked on all the patients to ensure they were locked in and secure.
After a while she came back and got hold of Amanda?s hand and led her up a flight of stairs into a dormitory. It was almost completely dark except for a bed side light adjacent to a bed where a large figure was laid covered by a thin white sheet. There were other beds in the room with other people sleeping in them but Amanda couldn?t make out how many there were or who was in them.

Katie giggled and said ?he?s over there?. They walked over to the bed that was lit and Amanda could see now he was a very large black man, she could just make out his features, he was the ugliest black man she had ever seen. ?Eerrrr, Katie, he?s fucking /ugly/">ugly? Amanda commented. ?Who gives a shit, look at this?.? Katie responded as she pulled the thin sheet completely off the patient. Amanda gasped with excitement, he was an extremely well built muscular jet black man, her eyes immediately set on his cock it was placid and very thick and laid down in between his huge thighs, it looked about 10? long and thicker than her wrist, his black balls looked like two tennis balls. He was doped up with his eye lids fluttering. ? I?ve given him a sedative and three viagara tablets? Katie said, that should keep him hard long enough.

Katie knelt down on the bed at the side of him and with her right hand grasped hold of his cock and started to wank it, it flickered into life and within minutes it was rock hard and at least 12 or 13 ? long. Amanda place one hand around it followed by Katie?s second hand and then Amanda grabbed hold with her second hand. ?Fucking hell, 4 hands long, that?s amazing? Amanda said.

They collectively wanked his massive cock.
? You suck it first Amanda, you can have the privilege of cleaning it? Katie instructed.

Amanda bent over and started to lick and suck around the huge flared head, ?Fucking hell Katie! I though you gave them bed bathes? Amanda grimaced a little, behind his flange was coated in think gooey old spunk. ?Do you want me to clean it? Katie offered, ?no fuck off, its my job? Amanda giggled, she pinched the knob end between her fingers to reshape the hole in the end into a circle so that she could get her tongue in as she had been taught by Katie.

? That?s it Amanda, suck it and then wank it off with your head, Amanda duly complied.
She could hear rustling and fidgeting around the room but she couldn?t see anything.
The two women took it in turns sucking and masturbating this /huge/huge-cocks/huge-black-cock/">huge black cock. Amanda then set about his massive bollocks, they were extremely hard and full, ?oohhh Katie, look at these balls, there bursting with spunk, looks like were going to be dinning tonight?. Katie giggled as she massaged one of the large bollocks.

Ten minutes later the cock and bollocks were glistening clean and coated in both the women?s? saliva,
?Right Amanda, you had the privilege of cleaning it, now I?m going to be first to ride it? said Katie.
She removed her sparse clothing and whilst Amanda held his cock upright she straddled him and lowered her self down indian santali xvideo over the tip of his blood engorged cock head.

Katie slid up and down the first inch or so to try to loosen her /cunt/cunt-hole/">cunt hole up?
?Its too fucking big Amanda, can you spit at it and lick it to try to get it in?? she begged.

Amanda spat at the area where the cock disappeared into the cunt and then started licking the black mans huge bollocks, working her way up his thick knobbly veined shaft and then lashing Katie?s cunt hole with her tongue. This had the desired effect, Katie slid further and further down the black cock with each stroke. Eventually she had bottomed, she stopped pumping up and down and started gyrating and grinding her hips, ?ooohhhh fucking hell Amanda, this cock is right inside my fucking womb..eeemmmmm..I can feel the great big head pushing against my fuckin ovaries? its fuckin gggooorgeous?.

Amanda watched intently as she kneaded the big black balls that was sticking out beneath Katie.

Her eyes had grown accustomed to the dark now and she could see 3 other beds in the room with figures laid in them, pin points of light gave away their eyes staring at the two women and Amanda could see that all of them were men and that they had lifted their long bed shirts up above their waists and were wanking them selves off.

After a while Katie pulled herself up and disengaged her cunt from the massive black, Amanda quickly jerked her head forward and down like an hawk to slurp up the excess cunt /fat/">fat left glistening on this big black cock by her friend. Katie?s cunt fat tasted lovely and Amanda had acquired the taste for it. When she had licked all of it off she climbed over the black mans pelvis and lowered herself down. Katie grabbed hold of the cock for her and guided the huge flared bulbous head into her cunt lips. Amanda was soaking wet and she slid down the cock easily, she felt each ripple and vein has she descended down it till eventually she hit the large bloated bollocks against her arse.

?Ooohhh Katie, I think this is the biggest so far? Amanda hissed through clenched teeth as she lifted her hips and pushed down again, she started to pump her cunt up and down along the full length of the huge black cock, slowly at first and then she increased her speed, she placed her hands with fingers spread wide on the chest of the doped black man and frantically and brutally started to thrust up and down the full length at a blistering pace, the fucking ,slapping and cunt farting noises were very audible now, the whole dormitory stank of cunt. The faceless figures had gathered nearer and were all wanking within feet of the spectacle. Katie was desperately trying to suck on Amanda?s tits but they were bouncing about far to much for her to latch onto. The black man was moaning a little now? ?Careful Amanda? Katie said, ?don?t make him cum too quick?. Amanda stopped and bore full down on the black and gyrated and ground her hips as she had seen Katie do, she too could feel the massive bulbous head squeezing her ovaries, the intense pain was gorgeous.

The girls exchanged places several times each time the other would clean the cock with her mouth before straddling the it again, this is a process they had learned from their first mutual black lover Toby, they had adopted it and they thoroughly enjoyed it.
After a while the wanking spectators started to shoot their loads, one ventured forward and squirted his spunk all over Amanda?s beautiful arse, she dipped her finger in the cum and tasted it, it tasted very salty not the nice /sweet/">sweet taste of black mans spunk she had grown to love!
She scooped up the rest and fed it into Katie?s mouth whilst she was working the huge black cock.

Katie was busy thrusting herself up and down with her back to the black mans head, ?Amanda!, lick my cunt I think I?m cumming? she hissed, Amanda obeyed and started gently chewing and licking Katie?s clitoris whilst she gyrated her hips around the full length of this black cock.

?I?m fuckiiinngg cummmming? she gasped as she burst into orgasm?she kept sliding up and down the pole until she was spent.
She eased her self off and allowed Amanda to once again thoroughly clean the cock with her tongue.

?My turn again? Amanda said with delight, she almost vaulted on to the /cock/cock-ass/massive-black-cock/">massive black cock and very quickly got into her rhythm of full length stroke fucking, she increased her speed and was now banging her arse down hard on to the enormous black bollocks. Katie brushed the hair away from Amanda?s sweaty face has she pounded away, on and on she went thrusting and pounding, ?fuckin hell Amanda! Careful or you?ll bruise his bollocks? Katie warned. Amanda ignored her and pounded even harder. The large black man was starting to groan, although he was out of it, some thing was hurting his balls and cock and he could feel a huge surge developing inside them.
?Fuckin hell Amanda, slow down or you?ll do some damage!!

Amanda relentlessly slammed down hard on his massive cock, ?ooooohh, chew my clit Katiiieee? she whimpered, Katie moved in and started to chew on her clitoris.
Amanda finally reached her goal, she froze and started to orgasm, her whole body spasmed and her cunt showered Katie?s face with cunt fat?..
She finally stopped and pulled her self off the massive black cock exhausted, spent and covered in sweat.

Both girls bent over and licked the huge black cock and bollocks clean.
Katie grabbed hold with both hands and started to wank ferociously? the huge black man stirred and jolted his whole body and his cock gave up its precious cargo in the form of eight or nine huge streams of hot thick rich pungent spunk.. the girls hungrily gulped it down their throats lapping up any remnant stray globules that missed their mouths.

?Phew, that was fucking awesome? Amanda gasped as she squeezed the last drop out of the end of the now softening black cock.
?Can we do this again sometime soon please Katie??
?How does tomorrow night sound? Katie giggled?.

Amanda and Katie fucked the large black man every night for the rest of that week.

Towards the end of the week Katie examined the doctors report, it read ??the patient is responding extremely well to the treatment as is the whole ward?