The Sequeld3

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The Sequeld3

I was shocked, Tracey was the last person I expected to see at this time. She went ballistic, from the way we were hugged up in bed, she knew we had sex. She started throwing things around the room, so before I was hit with anything, I jumped you and ran out of the apartment with what I had on. What happened between Janice and Tracey I dont know to this day.

Later that day I received a call from Tracey telling me she didnt want nothing to do with me. She told me not to speak to her if I ever saw her in the streets anywhere. I was sad, just the day before I was experiencing the greatest day in my life, now I'm dealing with one of the worst days. I had to accept what I was dealt because I was at fault for the whole xnxxv sunny leone video thing. It took me a while to get over Tracey, she was my first love and she could never be replaced not even by Janice her roommate.


A year passes, I've been with so many girls Tracey wasn't thought of as much. My birthday is coming up soon and my brother wants to give me a 18th . Of course I'm not going to object, expecially since he's promising a . (I'm thinking dancers like the ones he had at his boy's bachelor . Those were some beautiful chocolate , all were atleast D cups, big rounds asses and pretty. I hoped for one in particular, her name was Jasmine. Jamine was kind of petite but had and a . I tried my hardest to get on with her but she wasnt having it.). I ask him if the surprise is exotic dancers, he tells me not to worry about it cause he aint tellin. I'm sayin to myself yea its dancers with a big ass smile on my face.


My party is a day away, I'm still excited about the dancers. I've been with women before but something about a dancer teasing is stimulating. I decide to go spend some time with my female friend, Tomika. Me and Tomika have been friends for a little over 7 months, she was cool as hell. We never had any talks about a real forced anal against her will relationship but her mother liked to call me -in-law, so of course i called her ma. Anyway, Tomika asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I told her it didnt matter. She jumped up and said she would be right back, minutes later she returned with a bright red see thru thong and bra to match smelling like strawberries.

My jaw dropped, she caught me offguard. I've always looked at her in a sexual way, but I never thought anything would or could even happen. She was petite like Jasmine, but she lacked a butt and titties like her. However she was still sexy, my soldier was at attention. She saw that and giggled as she walked over and gave me a lap dance. I grabbed her and started to hold and kiss her, my hands made there way down inside her thong to play with her pussy. She was extremely wet and obviously ready for action, she let out soft moans, which made me even harder if that was possible.

I then began to suck on her C cup titties, her nipples were like grapes which took the attention away from her small size. As I sucked she began to unbuckle my shorts and pull off my shirt. My dick popped out through my boxers like a jack in the box. She awed in amazement, I was only 8 inches but she made it seem like 12 with her reaction.

I decided to make my way down to her pussy again. Kissing her inner thigh I worked his finger in and out her wetness. Kissing higher I pulled my finger out and moved my tongue into it. Probing her wet folds with my tongue. After a while I sat up and pulled her legs apart placing the head of my dick at her entrance.

Tomika started moaning as she felt the touch of my dick on her skin. She looked down at my dick as I slowly entered her pussy. Feeling her pussy being invaded she let out louder moans. After a while of slow penetration, I decided to to speed up the action. As I sped up the moans did also. I couldnt take it anymore, her soft sexy moaning in my ear took me over the edge, I felt my dick getting ready to explode.

All I could say was,"oh shit I'm gonna cummin." Just as I spoke a jet of spurted into her pussy. I quickly pulled out my spurting dick splashing her inner thigh with thick ropes of cum. As I jerked my shooting dick sending another spurt splashing on her belly and into her navel. Another thick spurt at the bottom of her tittie. I apologized for the cum incident and we washed up.


The next day at the party, I had a good time. Hours went by and I'm still wondering where the dancers were. My brother comes to me and says, here's your surprise. I look and couldnt believe my eyes, I was lost on words. It was my first love, Tracey looking good as ever. . . . .